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  • Katrina
  • Age 21
  • Breasts 32B
  • Size 8
  • Height 5’5″
  • Dark Hair


Always make as grand an entrance as possible. Katrina does not have to. She is exquisitely beautiful and her entrance is always going to be bold as she is so so very beautiful. Katie makes a grand entrance because of her utter natuaral beauty. Few possess this. But in Katrina’s world she steps in and wow the whole place comes to a standstill. And they look and they look and they look. Yes she is that beautiful! Truly.

Katrina is petite and naturally busty. She has a small frame so her breasts look amazing. Some people are just born with great looks and Katrina is one of the few. Jaw dropping gorgeous! Katie will make the entrance of a lifetime. She cannot hide her beauty. Velvet is very happy to have Katrina in the gallery of gorgeous girls. She is top of the list in her incredible looks.

At 28 years old Katie is a young lady with hope and charisma and her life infront of her. She has dark hair which is sexy beyond belief! She has dreams which are exciting and they include seeing every country in the world. Let us hope she does. But whilst she is still with us we have to include Katrina in the very best of the very best. She is sweet and kind and lovely. If you ever have the opportunity to book this adorable little lady then take care of her.

If Katrina is your choice this evening Velvet invites you to call and make a date of a lifetime. Expect the very best when she walks through your door. Even then you are going to be astounded.

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