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  • Elkie
  • 21 years
  • Breasts 32C
  • Size 8
  • 5’8″ 
  • Blonde


Elkie is truly a model with va va voom! She fits the bill of every man’s dream. Great body and purrs like a pussycat.Yet at the same time slow and sensual in her maneuvers. She is a real winner with the opposite sex. And her own too! If you are willing to let her take the lead, you may just lose yourself in the most thrilling ride of your life.

If you prefer to be in the driving seat, start off steady. You wont want to overheat before your journey of discovery has even started. Once you are cruising in 5th gear, focus on the beauty you see before you. On the last leg go full throttle for total consumption. A Velvet young minx not to be missed!

Elkie is blonde tall and  lean. She is 21 years young and is a ravishingly beautiful girl. With her long glossy blonde locks and angelic face. No man could ever resist her beauty. Her greatest attributes are her legs and superfit body. This young girl works out and you can tell. Not an onze of fat is anywhere near her perfected beautiful body.

Be prepared to have stamina with Elkie. You can be loosing pounds on your date with her. When she leaves think of all the calories you have burnt. What a wonderful way to work out! Pleasure from all directions for you and Elkie this evening.

May be your ideal date would be to sit back and let Elkie pamper you. Her ultimate desire would be her girlfriend joining the two of you. Elkie will raise the question with you. Along with others things Im sure. So if you can rise to the ocassion book Elkie and her bisexual playmate. No wonder she is so slim and lean. All those work outs are great for the figure. And what workouts they are!

To book Elkie on a one to one please call Velvet. Alternatively email us and should you decide to book Elkie you will never regret your choice of lady. Life is a playground of pleasure with Elkie.

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